International training program in food safety, quality assurance and risk analysis
 Type of certificate

Certificate of Completion 

Trainees, who have finished successfully the ITP-FS programme, will obtain a certificate of completion and a transcript of records of Ghent University (ECTS - EUROPEAN CREDIT TRANSFER SYSTEM).

Examination via case studies:

  1. Risk profiling report, presentation and group discussion
  2. Evidence-based decision making report, presentation and group discussion
  3. Daily interaction and activity during the PART II in Ghent (evaluation by promotor, co-promotors and UGent coac

Learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1

To be able to come to a science and evidence based risk profile of a food safety problem (knowledge)

Learning Outcome 2

To gain insight in the flow of an evidence-based decision making process (shift from scientific principles and international agreements towards tailored solution based on evidence (quantitative or qualitative)) (knowledge)

Learning Outcome 3

To understand sampling, monitoring, quality assurance and risk assessment/risk management principles (knowledge)

Learning Outcome 4

To be able to prioritize or to provide a recommendation on the most appropriate potential control or mitigation strategy for a particular food safety problem (skill)

Learning Outcome 5

To be able to come to a concise report writing style, presenting and discussion it well in the group (skill)

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